GTC Speed Extends the Range

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Bentley is on a roll. Since Volkswagen assumed full ownership in 1998, Bentley finally has the engineering and design talent to carry it into the 21st century. Ironically, like Lamborghini, it's again the Germans who are buying old auto marquees that had famous and glorious pasts, but were unable to maintain financial stability and keep up with better engineering and production methods. That's all changed now as the GTC Speed is the perfect example.

It differs from the GTC with lower front air intake grilles and larger alloy wheels complete with Pirelli high-performance tires. The suspension has also been lowered and there are wider rear exhaust tailpipes. The GTC Speed's introduction completes the Speed family lineup as the GT Speed Coupe has been a huge seller across the world. The Convertible's role in Bentley's future sales is vital in keeping the brand fresh with product and a continued thrilling driving experience.

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