Guess How Much Money GM Needs To Invest To Build The New Camaro

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More than you could ever afford.

Automotive production, as you can surely assume, has never been cheap. Just consider all of the factors involved: tooling, machinery, plant maintenance, the production plant itself, robots, and, of course, the people who operate and oversee everything. This price for all of this climbs even further whenever an all-new model arrives, such as the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. The outgoing fifth-generation Camaro was built in Ontario, Canada but this time GM is moving production to its Lansing Grand river, Michigan facility.

So how much dough has the automaker budgeted to make the move and get the latter plant updated and ready? A cool $175 million. Specifically, the new Camaro facility required new paint systems for Camaro-specific colors and the installation of two robotic framers. What's more, the plant will be adding a second shift of 500 jobs later this summer. I may be the luckiest mayor in America today," said Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero. "Gearing up for full-scale production of the legendary Chevy Camaro is a new high point in the more than two decades of extraordinary partnership between the City of Lansing, General Motors and the UAW."

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