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Guess How Much $$$ Monterey Car Week Brought In?

And these Top 10 cars are responsible for a hefty part of that.

Asone of most extravagant car events in the world and with its ability to attractsome of the most unique vehicles and discerning buyers, Monterey Car Week hasgained a reputation for making rich people's automotive dreams come true. Butnow that the numbers are in, it's time to find out just how much cash fell outof those loose pockets. This year, Monterey County attracted85,000 visitors who spent a total of $390 million dollars on, well, used cars. Moreamazingly, the average sales price for a car at auction came to anoutstanding $500,000.

So, which cars were most instrumental inbringing up that insane average? The 10 most expensive cars this year werethe 1964 Ferrari 250LM ($17,600,000); 1961 Ferrari 250GT California SWB Spider($16,830,000); 1962 Ferrari 250GT SWB Speciale ($16,500,000); 1998 McLaren F1($13,750,000); 1953 Jaguar C-type lightweight roadster ($13,200,000); 1956Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta Competizione “Tour de France" ($13,200,000); 1982Porsche 956 ($10,120,000); 1959 Ferrari 250GT Interim ($8,525,000); 1950Ferrari 275 S/340 America Barchetta ($7,975,000); and the 2005 Ferrari Enzo($6,050,000).

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