Guess What Badass Car The CEO Of GM Just Bought For Herself


Life's good when you're the boss.

You may often wonder whether or not the CEO of a major automaker drives one of the cars built by their company. They typically do, but they're also driven around a lot by chauffeurs. And these CEOs, obviously, make a lot of money and therefore can buy any car they'd like. But General Motors CEO Mary Barra is a GM lifer, as was her father who was a tool and die maker. In other words, she's a true gearhead. Need proof? Barra is about to take delivery of a brand-new Corvette Z06 convertible.

Corveteblogger is reporting that the Bowling Green Assembly Plant recently completed production of Barra's Z06, which includes the Z07 Performance Package, Stage 1 aerodynamics package, and the new eight-speed automatic gearbox. The photos you see here are of Barra's Z06. This sucker is all black, from the soft top to the body and even the aluminum wheels. The sole exception are the yellow brake calipers. It's hard to see the interior color, but from what we can tell it's either black or another dark color. So full props to Barra here. Her Corvette Z06 looks incredible and, most importantly, it's from GM. Photos courtesy of

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