Guess What Just Beat Ferrari As The World's Most Powerful Brand?

Hint: it doesn't build cars.

There’s a good reason why Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne wants to spin off Ferrari; it’s worth a lot of money. The expected stock offering will generate plenty of cash to significantly fund future FCA products. As controversial a decision that may be to some (like now former Ferrari boss Luca de Montezemolo), Ferrari still maintained its status as the world’s most powerful brand, beating out labels such as Coca-Cola and Apple. But now, as first reported by AutoGuide, Ferrari has lost its crown that it’s held for the past two years.

Brand Finance now ranks Danish toy maker Lego as the world’s most powerful brand for 2015. How does ranking like this work? Brand Finance basically studies factors like a company’s marketing investment, equity as measured by customer and employee satisfaction, and even the impact of both marketing and equity on overall business performance. Another factor that helped Lego out in terms of global recognition was "The Lego Movie." It grossed nearly $500 million worldwide. Lego video games and Lego sets from franchises like Star Wars and, ironically, Ferrari also made an impact. As for Ferrari itself, it was bumped down to 10th place on the list.

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