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Guess What Porsche's Hottest-Selling Passenger Car Is

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Passenger car, as in not including crossovers and SUVs.

Trading on its reputation for sports cars, Porsche has long since become primarily a producer of high-end crossover SUVs. Out of the 5,102 vehicles it sold in the United States last month, the Cayenne and Macan together accounted for 3,389 units – or nearly three quarters of its sales.

That much may not surprise you, and it certainly hasn't the bean-counters in Stuttgart who have long banked on the crossovers' success. But if you had to guess which would be Porsche's next best-seller, the most popular of its "conventional" passenger cars, where would you place your bets?

The 718 series, which now incorporates both the Boxster and the Cayman, is certainly the most accessible, starting at "only" $56,900. And the Panamera is without a doubt the most versatile, with four doors and room for the whole family (assuming you don't have an above-average number of kids in your household). But if either of those were your guess, you're wrong.

Porsche's best-selling sports car (regardless of the door-count) remains the 911. Over the course of September 2018, the German manufacturer reports having sold 733 examples of its most iconic model in the United States alone.

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That's more than twice the number of 718 Boxsters and Caymans it sold last month – at 329 units – and safely more than the 651 Panameras it moved over the same period. Not quite the sum of the two others combined, but a fairly strong margin.

The 911's numbers, then, may be just a drop in the bucket compared to the hot-selling Macan. But as far as sales of Porsche's sports cars are concerned, the Elfen is still king. Long may it reign.