Guess What's Been Named the Worst British Car?

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Hint: it's got three wheels and a certain balding UK TV host repeatedly tipped over in one.

In a recent survey, some 2,000 UK motorists were asked what they thought were the best and worst British-built cars ever. Not surprisingly, the most popular response for the best car was the iconic Mini, coming in with nearly 20 percent of the vote. The Aston Martin DB7 came in at a close second with 18 percent. When it comes to choosing the absolute worst of the worst, the overwhelming response was the Reliant Robin. That three-wheeled monstrosity actually achieved a loyal following back in the 70s.

But the Robin is viewed today as more of an outright embarrassment. Perhaps that opinion was further influenced by Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson's hilarious Robin test drive segment from a few years back. Turns out that tipping over in a Reliant Robin is way more fun that driving it normally.

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