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Guess What's the Most Popular Collector's Car

The answer won't surprise you in the least.

Car auctions are nothing new, and you'll regulalry find postings of special models going under the hammer right here on CarBuzz. Everything from classic Ferraris to Jaguars and BMWs bring in big bucks amongst wealthy collectors, but there remains one particular make and model that still remains insanely popular. Collectors simply can’t get enough of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing.

Launched in 1954, the original 300SL has rightly earned its spot in automotive history and is widely regarded as the first supercar. And it remains popular to this day. For example, there were seven vintage 300SL Gullwings (and roadsters) offered recently by Barrett-Jackson that sold for more than $1 million a pop. Someone even paid $2.09 million for a 1955 Gullwing. At another auction, an unrestored Gullwing was sold for $1.89 million. A couple of Ferrari 1958 250GT California LWB Spiders just sold for $8.8 and $8.25 million, respectively, but considering the 300SL was produced in greater numbers, it’s incredible to see them still go for well over a million dollars.

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