Guess What Was The World’s Most Popular Sports Car In 2015?

Sports Car

It was the only sports coupe to sell more than 100,000 units worldwide.

This is the moment Ford has been waiting for all along. When the blue oval gave the Mustang an extreme makeover back in 2013, it intended to sell the car across the world. Fans were skeptical because the Stang was going to lose some of the characteristic features that made it a muscle car, but that seems irrelevant now. Now, Ford has announced that the Mustang is the world’s best selling sports coupe in 2015 based on its latest sales numbers. A total of 141,000 Mustangs were sold last year with 19,000 of those going abroad.

Notice the wording that Ford used to describe the Mustang. “Sports coupe” is not something the last version of the Mustang could be called simply because it retained the characteristic American muscle formula of being a quarter mile racer and not a car you’d want to drive down a winding road. It looks like losing its solid rear axle and gaining a turbocharged option as well as a host of interior refinements has proved to be the way to go for Ford. If purists are complaining, the 122,000 Mustangs that Ford sold in the US for 2015 sure aren’t showing it. Previous performance Mustangs featured supercharged engines and extra stickers and emblems to show off the gains that the pony had made, but didn’t offer much else.

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Ford has stepped its game up drastically because new upgraded Mustangs feature completely reworked engines, handling on par with European sports cars, and the same low price that has always been a characteristic of American sports cars. While this has helped Mustang outsell its competitors (it was the only sports coupe to sell more than 100,000 units last year), it is also due to the fact that both right hand drive and left hand drive versions are offered and you can find a Mustang at dealerships in over 140 countries. As Ford's news stated, the coupe was the most popular Mustang guise, with 110,000 selling worldwide to the convertible's 30,000. Let the muscle car wars rage on.