Guess Where You Can't Buy A New Ford Mustang Until 2017

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Good news for Ford. Not so good news for some customers.

Without question Ford has hit a homerun with its all-new, sixth-generation Mustang. Sales have been soaring in the US and, for the first time, European buyers can walk into a Ford dealership and place an order; no need to import one privately. This new global Mustang has also reached the shores of that other country who's as equally obsessed with V8 muscle as America – Australia. The new Mustang has proven to be so popular Down Under that, according to CarAdvice, it's now completely sold out for all of 2016.

Of the 4,000 units Ford Australia is set to receive, 80 percent have already been secured with deposits. Not surprisingly, buyers there want the Mustang GT and its 5.0-liter V8; 86 percent of customers, in fact. However, Ford believes that once the initial order banks are filled, the EcoBoost turbo four-banger will become more popular. The Fastback coupe is also in greater demand than the convertible, with about 88 percent opting for the former. "We are simply overwhelmed and humbled by the reception to Mustang thus far, which is probably our closest equivalent to the Beatles first trip to Australia," stated Ford Australia CEO, Graeme Whickman.

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