Guess Which Auto Giant Is Potentially In Big Trouble Over Dieselgate

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Leonardo DiCaprio is making a movie about Dieselgate, so this new evidence should help.

In case you didn't know, car companies cannot build cars alone. As resourceful as any given automaker may be, at one point or another, a supplier is brought in to externalize development and production costs. For example, many automakers use transmissions designed and built by ZF, but the story that is beginning to materialize is more sinister. Apparently, Volkswagen wasn't the only offender in the Dieselgate scandal. According to The Washington Post, Bosch not only had a part in the scandal, it tried to cover its bases from the beginning.

A lawsuit filed by car owners to the US District Court in San Francisco claims that Bosch knew about the Volkswagen cheat device as early as 2008. To make matters worse, it appears that Bosch asked Volkswagen to protect it from the financial fallout with reimbursements if the cheat devices were ever found. Citing a letter between the two companies, the plaintiff claims that Volkswagen rejected the proposal to pay for its partner's damages (a common theme at VW). Instead of stopping, Bosch continued to sell VW the cheat devices and make profits on them. Bosch, the same company that wants to give our engines water injectors, has rejected those claims alongside the accusation that 38 of its employees were in on the cheat deal.

However, the consumer group that's responsible for the lawsuit thinks it has enough evidence to nail Bosch to the wall. In a statement made last month, it said, "Discovery of Bosch has just begun, but the evidence already proves that Bosch played a critical role in a scheme to evade US emission requirements." This is yet another piece of evidence that proves the diesel cheating scandal goes deeper than consumers and regulators currently know, and it appears that we'll have more of these revelations as the case continues. For now, we'll stay tuned because if it turns out that Bosch was in on the scam as well, the world's largest auto parts supplier could be facing some troubled times ahead.

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