Guess Which Automaker Is Next To Get The Carbon Fiber Wheel Treatment?

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Not like anyone thought it was slow before.

Carbon fiber is a lot like the smartphone. A decade ago, it was only reserved for the most expensive cars in the world and now it seems that a four-wheeled object can't be called a sports car unless it has some carbon fiber component. Recently, Ford opened up a black hole right above the wallets of customers in the form of the Mustang GT350R. Among the multitude of performance upgrades that the car got were carbon fiber wheels, which will also make an appearance on the Ford GT.

Previously, this was an accomplishment that only cars like the Koenigsegg One:1 could brag about simply because they are expensive. Through the magic of negotiation, Ford struck a deal with Australian carbon fiber company Carbon Revolution in order to truly set off an automotive revolution. The companies were able to offer a set of wheels made of the super light material, which previously would have cost more than the rest of the Mustang. As we all know, when rat finds a quicker way through the maze, the rest will follow. That's why William Rogers, a light polymers specialist at GM, has just told Autoblog that the giant is going to the same Australian company to ask for some fancy wheels of its own.

Rogers mentioned that the wheels would probably be featured on high performance V-Series Cadillacs. Logic dictates that the wheels, which will save an average of 35-pounds per vehicle, will also be seen on the Corvette and on special souped-up versions of the Camaro. The advantages of the wheels go beyond weight savings, they also completely change the dynamics of a car for the better. With lower unsprung weight and increased stiffness, a car handles better and has an easier time changing speeds due to the lessened rotational mass. GM is attempting to see how these tires hold up to the elements of daily driving like potholes and curb scrapes in order to draw up a cost-benefit analysis and work out inexpensive repair methods.

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