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Guess Which Automaker's New Warranty Program Covers Parts And Labor For Life

Is this the best warranty ever?

Volvo just introduced what may be the best automaker warranty plan of all-time. Volvo North America is set to offer a lifetime warranty for both parts and labor. As the press release says, the idea is to "pay once and never pay again." Volvo has been working hard to transform itself from a company that makes boring and incredibly safe cars to one that makes sexy luxury cars…that are incredibly safe. It remains to be seen whether this warranty will accomplish that.

As backwards as it sounds the lifetime warranty for parts and labor could hurt Volvo’s image. Awesome warranties that protect cars forever are usually offered by large automakers that don’t specialize in luxury, such as Hyundai. If anything the warranty will definitely bring in curious customers, giving Volvo the chance to sell more people on its new image.

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