Guess Which Cadillac Has Been Declared A Failure By Cadillac


An original base price of $75,000? No crap it's a failure.

If you go to the official Cadillac USA website, you'll see that the base price, after a $7,500 tax credit, of the ELR is $57,000. When the luxury hybrid debuted, that price tag was about $75,000. In other words, Caddie dropped the price because ELRs weren't selling. Even with that newly lowered sticker price, the ELR has still been an overall sales disappointment. And now Cadillac's chief marketing officer, Uwe Ellinghaus, as admitted that the ELR was a sales failure.

During an interview with Automobile Magazine, Ellinghaus stated that, despite being a longtime supporter of the model, the ELR was created as a "niche in the niche in the niche." Translation: it appealed to a very select group of (rich) customers. Furthermore, it was the way Cadillac marketed the ELR, as a two-door, two-seater luxury coupe, also proved to be unsuccessful. How come? Because customers and the media alike compared it to the Tesla Model S, which carries about the same base price but offers two more doors and a state-of-the-art all-electric powertrain. The ELR, by contrast, comes powered by a 1.4-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine that acts as a generator for its two electric motors.

Sound familiar? That's because it's the same powertrain setup as the previous-gen Chevrolet Volt. Sales of the 2014 ELR were, in fact, so bad that Cadillac didn't even bother launching a '15 model; there was simply too much '14 leftover inventory on dealership lots.

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