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Guess Which Car Gets The Most Speeding Tickets

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Clue: It's more famous for being blue, not red.

Stereotypes are often stereotypes for a reason, and with cars so often being an expression of personality, we make a lot of calls based on image. Mustangs crash most when leaving Cars and Coffee events, Lamborghini drivers change down from second into first gear more than anyone else, Prius drivers like their bumper stickers, lifted truck drivers like to be in the outside lane doing exactly 5 mph below the limit, and Subaru Impreza drivers head straight from the forecourt to the local vape store. Except that last one should read: Subaru Impreza drivers get the most speeding tickets.

Insurify's research team looked at a database of 1.6 million car insurance applications to deliver a top-10 list of cars with the most speeding tickets. The applications require vehicle model details and whether the person applying had been convicted of speeding in the past, so that's a lot of data worth sifting through. While the data doesn't link cars to speeding ticket's directly, it does connect the percentage of drivers with speeding convictions to particular models ready to compare to the total number of each model. In short, we now know the ten cars that people with the highest share of speeding tickets are trying to insure. And at the top of the list is the Subaru Impreza WRX.

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Now that we know the Impreza WRX is the most ticketed car on the road, the next few are fairly predictable. The next most ticketed is the Scion FR-S, followed by the Volkswagen Golf GTI and the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. The middle of the list sends a few curveballs though, and perhaps it's because they've had so many speeding tickets that people are opting for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and Dodge Ram 2500 to force themselves to slow down. That would also explain the biggest curveball on the list which is the Dodge Dart. Rounding out the top 10 car models with speeding tickets is the Infiniti G37, the standard Subaru Impreza, and finally it's the Hyundai Veloster.