Guess Which Car is Stealing Sales From Honda and Toyota

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It's likely not your first guess.

Every automaker is anxious to attract younger buyers. This way they can keep these people as customers well into their later years. It's simply called customer retention and brand loyalty. But still, it's proving to be more difficult these days to keep the same buyers returning to the showrooms of their current car brand. People like to shop around, plain and simple. And two carmakers in particular, Honda and Toyota, have always thrived on customer loyalty.


However, there's a new player in town causing a bit of trouble. Is it the latest Hyundai Sonata? Nope. Kia Optima? No. Ford Fusion? Again, no. The answer is the Audi A3 sedan, and it's only been on sale for about six weeks. Audi dealers are claiming that many A3 buyers are younger people trading in a Honda or Toyota. What's more, the A3 isn't stealing away any sales from the larger A4. No, it's bringing in first-time Audi buyers. Edmunds reports that average transaction price for an A3 is $35,000-$$36,000. It bases for $30,795, but many buyers are opting for the Quattro AWD system. The A3 sedan is now in short supply in the US. About 2,100-2,200 units have been sold each month, and there's even a waiting list.

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