Guess Which Cars From Toyota's Loony Bin Are Coming To SEMA?

SEMA 2015 / 11 Comments

Toyota is such a tease.

Automakers do not hold back a stitch of creativity for the SEMA show. Toyota, which has recently been re-crowned the largest automaker due to VW's mishaps, is no exception. The Japanese automaker has joined the craze and released sneak peeks of some of its SEMA collection and boy, do they look badass. In addition to competition cars like the NASCAR Toyota Camry and a rally racing 2015 RAV4 there will be modified classics such as the 1970 Toyota Crown that won Best of Show at Toyotafest, and a pair of Supras.

One of Toyota's SEMA stars will be the Toyota "Swagger Wagon" UUV, or Ultimate Utility Vehicle. Taking the term "UUV" literally, Toyota put the body of a Sienna onto the chassis of a Tacoma and threw in a TRD supercharger to create a minivan for the apocalypse-ready suburban family. Like the cutie who flirts with us and then backs off to leave us preoccupied by wondering about them, Toyota says that it won't reveal its other SEMA-bound cars because "there is a lot of fun to be had by guessing." If the other cars in Toyota's lineup are as crazy as its previous SEMA appearances, then we have a lot to be excited for indeed.


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