Guess Which City Fiat-Chrysler Has Chosen As Its New HQ

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Nope, it isn't in America or even Italy.

Fiat-Chrysler is in a good place these days. Only a week ago did it release its aggressive and exciting five-year plan that'll see many new models, and even the demise of a few. But still, anything is better than outright bankruptcy. Now that Fiat has fully completed its buyout of Chrysler and changed its corporate name, it's time to designate a new company headquarters. Fiat and Chrysler are based in Turin, Italy and Auburn Hills, Michigan, respectively.

However, neither of those two locales will be the new HQ. Instead, CEO Sergio Marchionne has chosen London, England. Yes, that choice might piss off some die-hard Fiat loyalists who believe the HQ should be in Italy. So why London? It's clear that group executive functions, the board, my office, some of my functions, need to operate out of London, but that doesn't mean that I'm giving up my operational responsibilities of the U.S. We will be multi-faceted...we will do stuff everywhere," Marchionne stated. The Turin and Auburn Hills offices will still very much be kept open and active, but London will be where all the big decision making will happen.

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