Guess Which Countries Will Have The New Mustang But Not The Camaro

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Does this mean more Mustangs will be sold?

With the arrival of the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, the decades-old battle between the two pony cars has entered a new era. Both the Camaro and Ford Mustang are all-new for the first time in a few years, and the world outside of the US is anxious to get behind the wheel of each one. Apparently Mustang and Camaro fever is spreading. Ford is responding in kind by making the new Mustang available in right-hand-drive markets such as the UK and Australia, the latter of which is particularly fond of rear-wheel-drive V8-powered muscle cars.

So what about the Camaro? Speaking to Australia's CarAdvice, a Holden spokesperson confirmed that a RHD Camaro is not in the pipeline. Does this mean that no Camaros will be found in the UK or Australia? Not necessarily, it's just that importing them will be more difficult because it won't be done through a GM dealer and, of course, they'd be left-hand-drive only. Mustang enthusiasts in RHD markets, you're in luck. Your Camaro counterparts? Shit out of luck, for now at least.

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