Guess Which Epic And Iconic Sports Car Will Soon Get A Manual?


This company is trying to wine and dine purists again.

In today's technological world, human control is being relinquished to silicon brains and cars are no exception. For purists, the manual transmission is more than a chance to show off, it is a way to connect with the car and become fully engaged in the driving process. Porsche had pissed on its fans when it released the 911 GT3 RS, a car built for driving enthusiasts but with no option for a manual transmission. However, Car and Driver interviewed Andreas Preuninger, head of Porsche's GT division and found that a manual will be in the GT3's future.

Porsche acknowledges that it shut out a lot of purists in its move to show the world how fast its PDK system is, but it never wants to make that mistake again so it will more than likely offer the next generation of GT3 with a six-speed manual as well as the seven-speed PDK. "It is our long-term goal to have the customer decide between the two approaches," says Preuninger. Porsche's move to appease driving idealists seems to be a thing now since they have also recently announced the 911R, a modern take on retro Porsches. This may be indicative of a split in the direction of the auto industry with one side churning out cars with a quality driving experience and the opposite end heading towards full autonomy.


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