Guess Which Iconic BMW M Car Might Return?

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And no, it won't have an "i" in its name.

BMW made the wise choice by not planning to offer its new i8 as an M car. In other words, there never will be an i8 M. Breathe a sigh of relief, everyone. As it stands at the moment, the i8 is BMW's flagship high-performance sports car, but according to a new report, that may not last for long. Australian publication CarAdvice recently spoke to Friedrich Nitschke, the head of the M division, who confirmed that his company has the knowledge to build an M1 successor.

More than likely, it would utilize some of the i8's technology (we're guessing carbon fiber and other lightweight components – not the hybrid setup). When asked specifically whether BMW M could build a proper Audi R8 fighter, Nitschke was deliberately vague, but his underlying message was clear: "It's a question of capacity not a question of know-how. (In the past) we made this (a supercar) with the M1, and now we have an i8 and for now, M is the next aspirant to do this, but we haven't made any decision yet." (sic) The bottom line here is that the M division is ready to begin development on a new M1 anytime. The only thing holding those guys back is BMW's board approval.

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