Guess Which Lady Just Got Herself The World's First Bentley Bentayga?

A woman needs to go hunting, does she not?

Justa short while after its official debut in Frankfurt, it turnsout that the new Bentley Bentayga already has its first customer. Yes, one ofthe world's richest, most powerful women has already secured the first unit ofthe car to be delivered to a customer, and we doubt she had to face any longwaiting lists or camp out in front of the dealership in order to get one whilethey're hot. Speaking to Bloomberg, Bentley Motors President and CEO for theAmericas Michael Winkler said that the first Bentayga will go directly toEngland's Queen Elizabeth the II.

According to Winkler, the Bentayga will serve her royal majesty onhunting expeditions at one of her estates in Scotland. He said she had alreadytaken a test drive in one of the prototype models and made her choice. Thefirst of about 5,000 units to be produced, HRM will be able to tap into theBentayga's insane twin-turbo W12 and its 600 hp and 663 lb-ft of torque. TheBentayga will join her majesty's astounding fleet of cars, which includesseveral Bentleys such as her Bentley State Limousine and special edition Mulsannethat she has gotten as gifts on previous occasions.

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