Guess Which Luxury Car Can Pitch Baseballs And Fingerpaint Too?

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Looks like Lexus had a really great time at summer camp.

Like a kid returning from camp and showing off his artwork or her new skills at baseball, Lexus has just launched a new campaign called Golden Opportunities to showcase just how great its cars are at doing a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with cars. Even so, these videos keep with the company's artistic and creative recent campaigns, and they are so well made that they're actually quite awesome. Using slow motion, the videos demonstrate the incredible things that we can only see by slowing down and taking advantage of those 'golden opportunities.'

First, putting the IS F-Sport to work as a pitcher, Lexus does an outstanding job at shattering the neighbor's windows and getting away with it:

Next, the RC350 F Sport goes on an artistic rampage and flings rainbows everywhere:

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