Guess Which Porsche Dramatically Outsold All Other Porsches Last Month


Hint: it wasn't the 911. Not even close.

Porsche has released its sales report for August 2018, in which it acknowledges a year-over-year decline for the month. The primary reason for this? Cayenne SUVs selling out just before the completely redesigned generation arrives in showrooms next month. Interestingly, the Cayenne was not the month's best-selling Porsche model in the US, not this year or last. What honor does that go to? The Macan.

Last month, a total of 2,107 Macans were sold in the US. To compare, just 143 Cayennes left dealership lots (though there were fewer available to begin with).

In the non-SUV realm, 560 Panameras, 388 718 Caymans and Boxsters, and 885 911s were sold for a grand total of 4,083 units. In August 2017, by comparison, a total of 4,709 Porsches were sold in the US but, as Porsche already acknowledged, the drop can be attributed to the lack of Cayennes.

But on the larger scale of things, overall 2018 sales are up by 3.7 percent compared to this time last year thanks mainly to the Macan's huge popularity. In the first eight months of this year, a total of 37,524 Porsches were sold, of which 15,871 were Macans. That means almost half of all sales were Macans. The month of August was particularly kind to the Macan with a sales increase of 28.5 percent compared to August 2017.

Certified pre-owned Porsche sales are also up by 31.1 percent year-over-year, with a total of 2,102 units sold last month alone. The refreshed 2019 Macan was also very recently unveiled and it's expected to be in showrooms quite soon. Given its already huge popularity and the number of improvements inside and out for 2019, the Macan will surely continue to be the brand's best-seller.

Not a fan of the Macan and prefer 911s? That's fine, but which model do you think provides a huge chunk of funding for all of those 911 GT3s and GT2s? Just saying.


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