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Guess Which State Said 'NO' To The Santa Cruz

This Korean truck is about to get the green light. But who doesn't want it?

Havingreceived excellent feedback for its Santa Cruz concept at the Geneva Motor Showthis year, Hyundai will likely give the'truck' the green light later this year, reports The Detroit Bureau. "There is a very high probability we getthe approval of the truck soon," said Hyundai Motor America CEO, DaveZuchowski. The Santa Cruz, which could be described as the crossover of pickuptrucks, was submitted to customer surveys and received outstanding feedback across the country. Except for one state.

But as Zuchowski himself stated, "Texas isn’t considered part ofthe U.S. is it?" And even if the Lone Star State secedes, the Santa Cruz,which offered some innovative ideas in concept form, might be just whatAmerican buyers are currently looking for. Entering the growing market forsmall trucks, Hyundai's concept had some killer ideas like the slide-out rearbed extender and offered styling that will certainly help it stand out in themarket. However, as we reported in the past, the concept we have seen was farfrom production ready. Will Hyundai manage to bring this unique style toproduction and win over Texas at the same time? We'll know soon enough, whenthe truck gets its final approval from Korea.

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