Guess Which Supercar Company Founder Is Also Now Getting His Own Movie

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First Ferrari, then McLaren and now...

Over the past several months it's become apparent that Hollywood has suddenly become interested in cars - besides Fast and Furious. No, we're talking about non-fiction as opposed to Vin Diesel's world of explosions and car chases that defy just about every law of physics. First up, two movies about Enzo Ferrari, one starring Robert De Niro the other with Christian Bale in the title role. Then we learned a movie about Bruce McLaren is also in the works. So who's next? Ferrucio Lamborghini.

According to Variety, the Ambi Group has optioned the life rights to Mr. Lamborghini and plans to begin shooting the film this summer in Italy. Its current working title is "Lamborghini – The Legend." What's more, Lamborghini's son, Tonino, is providing consultation. The movie is said to cover the launch of Lamborghini's career as a tractor and World War II military vehicle manufacturer as well as the high-end sports car company he later started, Automobili Lamborghini. No release date has been set yet and no word yet on who'll star.

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