Guess Who Bought The Last Ferrari 458 Speciale And Now Doesn't Have A Job?

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He's slow and somebody made him a captain.

This is one of those cases when it's best to make sure the cash is already in the bank before you place a very expensive order. That's what James May has apparently just learned. The now former Top Gear host placed an order for a new Ferrari 458 Speciale, supposedly the last one to be built, a few months back. However, Captain Slow placed the order assuming he'd soon be signing a new three-year contract to remain on the show.

That, obviously, didn't end up happening. "There we were, all three of us, on the brink of a new three-year contract to make Top Gear," May explained. And he wanted to celebrate by buying said 458 Speciale. He continued: "Smoke poured from the back of my man-maths calculator as I made this case to Woman, whose arms remained resolutely folded throughout; as well they might because our house needs a new roof." But then Clarkson punched a man and now it's all over. "It had all gone. All, that is, except the order for a 458 Speciale lodged in Ferrari's factory system," May continued. So on the bright side, he has a new 458 on the way. Bad news is that he's currently unemployed and doesn't know what the future holds.

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