Guess Who Doesn't Think Clarkson, Hammond, And May Are Worth Their New Paychecks


No hard feelings, right?

Obviously there was going to be a bidding war for the former trio Top Gear hosts, and only one media network was going to be the winner. Amazon, as we know, prevailed, but contenders such as Netflix, ITV, and Sky made serious offers to lure Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Although the still nameless new show isn't scheduled to debut until next year, we do know that the budget for each of the 36 hour-long episodes will be around $7 million, up from the BBC's $1.5 million-per-show budget.

All told, Amazon will spend some $250 million for three reasons. So guess who thinks that's way too much dough? Netflix's chief Product Officer, Neil Hunt. Speaking with Digital Spy, Hunt stated that "We (Netflix) have past episodes of Top Gear, so we have a pretty good gauge of what audiences like. Our buying decisions tend to be somewhat data-driven. We have a lot of data to get the deals we want, so there we go." That said, the former TG trio weren't "worth the money to make the deal…I (Hunt) think they sold themselves for way more money (than they're worth)."

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