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Guess Who Had His Ferrari GTC4 Repainted Purple

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“She's cosmic.”

If we had the means and the inclination to put a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso in our driveway, we'd likely go for a subtle color. Something like, say, Grigio Ferro (Italian for iron grey), with a dark brown interior. Turns out we're not alone, either. One very high-profile rock star chose that very shade for his four-seat Prancing Horse. But he got a little tired of the understated look, so he brought it in for a rather more dramatic respray.

That rock star is none other than... drumroll, please... Jay Kay, the famously Ferrari-loving frontman of acid-jazz band Jamiroquai.

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The guy loves Ferraris so much that he adapted the Prancing Horse logo for the Traveling Without Moving album cover, and has been known to drive some of Maranello's finest – often painted in some outlandish colors, most famous among them his kermit-green LaFerrari.

For this aesthetic conversion, he went with no less vibrant a color: purple. Specifically Rolls-Royce Purple Silk, which was (as you can see from the video above) meticulously and painstakingly applied by the artisans at Topaz Detailing in London. And what's more is that the proprietary TopazSkin coating is fully removable, so Jay can have it brought back to original condition at his pleasure.

Topaz has made a name for itself in repainting some of the most exotic cars on the road – and London certainly has plenty of those roaming its streets. Look carefully in the before-and-after video and you can see other supercars at the workshop, including a Lamborghini Urus, a Nissan GT-R, and a handful of Porsches and other Ferraris. And we gather this isn't the first time Jay Kay's turned to Topaz for such a job. He's said to own a good hundred or so cars, after all. But few are likely to grab attention like this one.