Guess Who Just Partnered With BMW To Topple Tesla?

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This could end up being a match made in heaven.

Fisker, which now goes by the name Karma, is trying to make a comeback into the car world. Fiskers were known for out-of-this-world looks and the tendency to dramatically self-immolate. Now Karma's new Chinese owners want the brand to clean up its image and become a serious contender in an increasingly crowded market. In order to get a leg up on the competition, the company has just partnered with BMW where it would supply hybrid powertrains for Karma's newest flagship, the Elux.

The Bavarian brand is well-known for its engines, so it is a pretty smart move for Karma to use BMW's powertrains again to reestablish a presence. Much like the Karma, the Elux will likely be an ultra-efficient plug-in hybrid that will compete with other high-end eco brands including Tesla. Luckily for Karma, BMW has extensive experience making hybrid cars, as exemplified by the i-Series as well as the 3, 5, and 7-Series ActiveHybrid models. Karma Automotive says it will re-launch its flagship in 2016, and with BMW doing some of the heavy lifting these cars likely wont serve as science experiments to show what spontaneous combustion looks like.

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