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Guess Who Porsche Trusted To Tame The One Millionth 911?

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Hint: it wasn’t a professional racing driver.

Back in May, the one-millionth Porsche 911 rolled off the production line painted in Irish Green. This of course would be a significant milestone for any car company. So, who did Porsche entrust to get behind the wheel of this very special commemorative 911? Perhaps a professional racing driver to put it through its paces, or a famous movie star to generate publicity? Wrong. Instead, Porsche gave 11 ordinary residents from Stuttgart a chance to experience the one millionth 911 as a thank you to the iconic sports car's birthplace.

The Porsche 911 needs no introduction, frankly. One of the most iconic sports cars ever built, the first 911 left the Stuttgart factory in 1963 where the car has been built ever since. Based on the current Carrera S, the one millionth 911 features bespoke parts that pay tribute to the 1963 original.

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The leather seats, for example, are finished in the original 1960s houndstooth pattern, there's a wooden steering wheel, and the silver instrument trim mimics the first 911. The Carrera S's twin-turbocharged flat-six has been uprated to 450 hp, and is mated to a seven-speed manual transmission, generating a top speed of 193 mph. Those 11 people that were lucky enough to drive it will never get that opportunity again because the one millionth 911 won't be going on sale to the public. It's currently being toured around the world, visiting locations including the USA, China, the Scottish Highlands and a lap around the Nurburgring before it arrives in its new home at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.