Guess Who Tops Consumer Reports' 2017 Reliability List

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The top two brands probably won't surprise anyone.

Every year Consumer Reports puts together a list of the most reliable brands based on a survey of its subscribers. For a fifth year in a row, Toyota and Lexus claim the top two spots, flip-flopping from last year when Lexus finished first and Toyota finished second. The 2017 Auto Reliability Survey showed that the biggest reliability problems came from the introduction of new technologies such as "wonky" engines, "jerky" eight and nine-speed transmissions, and infotainment. Here's how the more reliable brands finished in the survey:

Brand (Rank change from last year) 1. Toyota (+1) 2. Lexus (-1) 3. Kia (+2) 4. Audi (-) 5. BMW (+4) 6. Subaru (+5) 7. Infiniti (+1) 8. Buick (-5) 9. Honda (+1) 10. Hyundai (-3) 11. Nissan (+2) 12. Mazda (-6) 13. Porsche (+3) 14. Mercedes-Benz (+3) 15. Ford (+3) 16. Volkswagen (+6) 17. Chrysler (+10)

The less reliable brands on the survey include: 18. Chevrolet (-3) 19. Acura (-7) 20. Jeep (+3) 21. Tesla (+4) 22. Lincoln (-2) 23. Volvo (-4) 24. Dodge (+2) 25. Ram (+4) 26. GMC (-2) 27. Cadillac (-6) FCA made nice gains on this year's list, while GM brands like Cadillac plummeted down to last place. The report also ranked the most reliable cars by model.

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The top 10 most reliable cars for 2017 are the Kia Niro, Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86, Lexus ES, Lexus GS, Audi Q3, Toyota RAV4, Lexus IS, Toyota Prius V, Toyota Prius C, and Infiniti Q70. Clearly, Toyota and Lexus dominate the most reliable list. The 10 least reliable cars are the Chevy Camaro, Mercedes GLC, Jaguar F-Pace, GMC Acadia, Fiat 500, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Volvo XC90, Cadillac Escalade, and Tesla Model X. Tesla has had a bumpy relationship with Consumer Reports after it took away the buy recommendation for the Model S. Consumer Reports expects the Model 3 to have a better reliability score because it is the most simple Tesla model yet.

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