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Guess Who Won't Be Building Hillary's New Presidential Limo


One clue: Not China.

Perhaps we’re getting just a tad bit ahead of ourselves here. We’re not political analysts or professional pollsters, after all. But if we had to place our bets on the subject today, we’d say there’s a decent enough chance the next US president will be none other than Hillary Clinton. (Almost) welcome back to the White House, Bill. Anyway, we reported well over a year ago that whoever is the next occupant of the Oval Office will also be given a new presidential limousine. The vehicle currently known as "The Beast" will be retired.

President Obama’s limo really is just that: a 10,000 pound vehicle with five-inch thick, bullet-proof protective armor. It can withstand a missile and chemical weapons attack. It may have Cadillac emblems and styling, but underneath is a commercial truck platform. It was rumored a few months ago that Cadillac was going to have some competition to build the next presidential limo, but now we can confirm Lincoln won’t be in the running. Ford CEO Mark Fields told The Detroit News that the automaker has opted not to bid for the next generation presidential limo. No specific reason was given but it’s kind of too bad. We’d loved to have seen the new Continental Concept turned into "The Beast: Part 2."

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