Guess Why Ford, Volkswagen, And Toyota Just Joined Forces?

We wish we could say it was to make a supercar.

Challenges have a nice way of bringing people together so that they can work to solve them. The same principal applies to competing automakers, and come together is just what Toyota, Ford, and Volkswagen did to conquer the issue of getting autonomous cars on the road soon. The three auto giants have joined a program called DeepDrive, which funds research at the University of California at Berkeley to help get autonomous cars on the road.

The automakers are working with electronics part suppliers Samsung, Panasonic, Nvidia, and Qualcomm to develop artificial intelligence for autonomous cars. It costs $300,000 to join the program, but for that, each company has access and permission to use any technology that gets developed. This move also signals a coming together of sorts, not just for different automakers, but for different industries as well. The tech industry and the automotive industry are increasingly becoming one and the same. Toyota may have the upper hand in this deal however because this is the second time it has invested money on top universities in the interest of self-driving cars.

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