Guinness Recognizes Overland Journey to South Pole as World Record

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A South Pole crossing made in a pair of finely-tuned Toyotas last year has been recognized by Guinness as being the fastest ever.

Although the expedition took place in December 2010, it wasn't until this week that Guinness recognized the tremendous 1,434 mile journey across the Antarctic High Plateau organized by the Kazakhstan Geographic Society and The Antarctica Company, as being the fastest overland journey to the South Pole, achieved in 108 hours. Due to the extreme conditions, the modified Toyota Hilux trucks averaged just 13mph whilst traversing the terrain which was up to 2 miles above sea level.

The four members that took part in the expedition included Hlynur Sigurdsson from Arctic Trucks, the off-road tuning company responsible for building the vehicles. The pair of 3.0-liter, 170hp turbodiesel Hiluxes were modified to carry 285 gallons of fuel: 74 in the tank and the rest in the bed, and were fitted with 44x18.5 tires with super-low tire pressures of 2 psi, hence the name The Arctic Trucks Expedition AT44. In addition to carrying 1.3 tons, the 4,960 pound trucks were also pulling 1.5 tons on a trailer, and managed just 5mpg in the Antarctic snow.

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