Gullwing DeLorean Alpha5 Production Run Slashed To Just 4,000 Units

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The current price of a build slot is $2,500 and the brand warns they are running out.

DeLorean originally planned to build 9,351 Alpha5 EVs, but due to supply chain bottlenecks, the original figure has now been cut down to just 4,000. The 4,000 units will be built over five years, and interested parties can now reserve a built slot at a discounted price of $2,500.

According to DeLorean, the discounted price will only last for a while, and once the door closes on the offer, the price will increase to $3,500. For every 500 units ordered after that, the price will increase by an additional $500.

Digging deeper into the sales process, it's clear DeLorean will rely on a direct sales model with a twist.


As soon as customers pay the $2,500 reserve price, they'll receive a randomized build slot number and an NFT of the vehicle. A customer might not have the car yet, but the NFT may become quite valuable if DeLorean sells all 4,000 build slots.

Instead of selling build slots and cars at highly inflated rates as availability decreases, DeLorean has established a trading website specifically for hopeful reservation and non-reservation holders. This allows customers to sell or trade slots at a price they can determine. Since reservation numbers will be randomly allocated, owners can pay more for an earlier slot.

If, for example, an eager customer comes across another buyer with built slot 133, they can trade their 1,458 for $10,000. If you get an early build slot, there's a grand opportunity to make some cash, but you must be patient.

Owners will only be allowed to customize their Alpha 5 six months before the production date.


Using basic math, we can assume that DeLorean will build 800 units per year, and if the car delivers on the promises made by the engineers, it will be a highly sought-after commodity. Looking at the Cadillac Celestiq, which is already sold out more than a year in advance, there appears to be enough demand for high-end EVs.

However, not getting a build slot is not the end of the world. Oddly, we live in a world where there are two DeLoreans, although the second option is called DNG Motors for legal reasons. Kat DeLorean, daughter of the famous John DeLorean, is not a fan of the Alpha 5 and will build her own cars in Detroit.

Or you can buy the original. Going the OG route will cost between $45,000 to $80,000, depending on mileage and condition.


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