Gumball 3000 2012 Kicks Off in NYC; Chills in Indianapolis

Gumball 3000

The cross-country muscle, custom and supercar rally is well underway with racers expected to reach LA by 31 May.

Last Friday luxury rides and supercars descended upon Time Square, New York to line up on the grid for the start of 2012's Gumball 3000 Rally.

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Decorated in weird and wild decals, the array of cars taking part in the cross-country 3,000km rally range from supercars such as a Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari 599 GTO and Lamborghini Aventador, to custom cars like Jon Olsson's murdered-out PPI Audi R8; there are also plenty of drifting and muscle cars in the lineup.

After revving up and burning out of NYC, the Rally headed to Toronto before taking in Indianapolis. Here the cars spent the night, where Shmee150, who is following the event, took a video of the cars resting up at Monument Circle. The race will continue via Kansas City, Santa Fe, and Las Vegas before finishing in Los Angeles on 31 May.