Gumpert Apollo R and Apollo Enraged Are Unveiled

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Gumpert unveils a pair of even more powerful Apollos that are intended to attract interest from Asian buyers.

It's no secret that the Gumpert Apollo is not the prettiest car in the bunch. While it looks outright menacing, but when compared to other world class supercars coming from Lamborghini and Ferrari, the Apollo comes across as sort of ugly, but in a good way. For this year's Geneva Motor Show, the German sports car manufacturer has revealed a pair of new Apollo models, with the stated goal of expanding the lineup due to increased demand, specifically from Asia.

The Apollo R, shown in a black-red-gold foil, features a newly modified 4.2-liter V8 with a higher supercharging pressure, ignition, and control time adjustments. In addition, there's a special racing exhaust system that helps to bring total output to 860hp. Gumpert also improved the transmission cooling system. Its chassis was also upgraded with a titanium blade stabilizer on the rear axle. According to Roland Gumpert himself, "The Apollo R is more powerful and lighter than any other Apollo. Since we are not necessarily known for understatement, we also decided to put this superiority on display with correspondingly striking foils."

The second model unveiled is called the Apollo Enraged. With a total of 780hp, Gumpert claims it has the racing sports genes of the Apollo R, but in this case is street legal. Tipping the scales at 2,590 pounds, it also features unique swing doors and a designer paint job and foils. According to sources, Gumpert will only build three of these. No official pricing has been announced. Photos courtesy of Sam Moores

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