Gumpert Previews their Geneva Debuts


Get ready: Gumpert plans on revealing two new models next week at Geneva.

Gumpert has not only done a great job of building an insanely powerful sports car, but they've released many brief teaser shots in the past. Fortunately, the small automaker plans on revealing not one, but two new models at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Details are a bit scarce for now, but one of the cars should be the production version of the Torante by TOURING from last year's show. The Apollo, the automaker's first and so far only model, hasn't really been known for its aesthetic appeal.

Fortunately, it's insanely powerful: its 4.2-liter Audi twin-turbocharged V8 produces 700hp. The upcoming models supposedly have improved styling. Not long ago Gumpert received some financial assistance from Asian investors and now we're beginning to see that money put to good use. For now, you can check out this brief teaser and we'll have complete details and plenty of pictures starting next week.

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