Gumpert Tornante to Hit the Roads in 2015

Bankrupt supercar maker is back in full swing.

Just last week, we showed you the miraculous Geneva MotorShow resurrection of bankrupt German supercar maker, Gumpert. At the show, thecompany displayed its (in)famous Apollo model, as well as the stunning newExplosion. Now, we’re happy to announce that Gumpert will be hitting theroads again in early 2015, with an Apollo-based, slightly tamer and sanerTornante – which had previously been revealed as a concept in 2011 before thecompany went bust.

The Tornante will be custom built to order and in verylimited numbers. While official details and specifications are limited, theconcept car it's based on was powered by an Audi V8 rated at 700 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque. Design will be slightly updated fromthe original concept shown here, but should be quite similar. Expect an officialdebut at next year’s Geneva show.

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