Porsche 993 911 Gets Carbon-Fiber Transformation

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The last air-cooled 911 becomes even more desirable when covered in carbon fiber.

With all the spectacular reveals at this year's Monterey Car Week, you may have missed the Gunther Werks carbon-fiber 993 body unveiled at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering. While there is no shortage of 911 restomodders and specialists around, the California-based 911 specialists have meticulously designed and is well worth a look.

Having already wowed us last year with the impressive 400R, this next step in the continued evolution of the 993-generation 911 now adds the benefits of carbon fiber construction to this iconic car. A lighter curb weight and stiffer structure all serve to improve the vehicle's dynamic abilities while the arches at all four corners have been extended to allow for a wider footprint on the road.

25-years-ago, exotic materials like carbon fiber were only being experimented with on priceless supercars like the Jaguar XJR-15 and McLaren F1. Producing each bodyshell took thousands of hours whereas today the same process takes a fraction of the time.

Gunther Werks says that its goal is to incorporate the latest chassis, construction and drivetrain technologies into these cars without losing the analog feel that they are famed for. This can be seen under the carbon skin too where the hand-built 400 hp+ 4.0-liter flat-six, designed by Rothsport Racing, is still air-cooled and sounds and feels like a development of the original.

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The gearbox too is a reworked G50 unit with custom gear ratios and while the interior is totally updated, it retains all the styling cues that identify it as a 911. Gunther Werks customers can choose from a whole host of additional upgrades such as carbon-ceramic brakes, active suspension systems and a Sport Touring Pack as seen on its first carbon fiber build at the event, a Chelsea Grey 993 replete with ducktail spoiler.

You can supply your own cars for the conversion or leave the whole lot to Gunther Werks, either way only 25 cars are planned for production so if you are interested best get in touch with the team sooner than later.

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