Guthrie Flips Mustang in Vegas

Jim Guthrie drifts his Ford Mustang vertically during Las Vegas Drift Pro-Am event.

Former Indy Racing League driver Jim Guthrie has had a rough go as of late,. Last year he crashed his Chevy-powered Mazda RX-7 - twice - and this year is turning out to be no better as he just wrecked his drift-spec Mustang in Las Vegas. Guthrie had his Formula D license revoked last year after totaling his RX-7 at the Irwindale Speedway in southern California. This year he was competing in the Pro-Am in a bid to get it back. Things turned sour after his Ford Mustang came in hot, his front brakes locked and he slammed into the wall and flipped right over it.

YouTube user Dan Brockett, who uploaded the clip, said it best: "JTP from Hotline built one hell of a [roll]cage!" Though he says the custom-built Mustang should be salvageable, Guthrie's career might not be so lucky.

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