Guy Buys A Lemon Jeep, Makes An Epic Rap Video Trashing FCA

So many lemons. So many Jeeps.

Teg Sethi is incredibly pissed at Fiat Chrysler Australia. He purchased a new Jeep Grand Cherokee for $60,000 AUD ($42,351 USD) in October 2013 and says it was a lemon from the day he bought it. After having it towed numerous times and not getting much help from his local dealership or corporate he eventually gave up on the car, fearing it would be unsafe to drive his family around in. Sethi decided to vent his frustrations by making this hilarious music video featuring his Jeep and a ton of lemons.

We don’t know if he’ll get anywhere with FCA after pulling this stunt but he has definitely raised awareness about faulty Australian Jeeps, both in his home country and around the world. If you’ve ever bought a lemon and are looking for a good laugh this video will do the truck.

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