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Guy Crashes Into Porsche Dealership After Getting Dumped

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Love can make us do strange things.

We all have our own way of dealing with a breakup. Some lock themselves away to heal a broken heart, others find the need to lash out. Like this Toronto resident, for example. According to CityNews, a 20-year-old man deliberately crashed his Toyota Yaris through the window of a Porsche dealership in the downtown area. Not only did he smash a lot of showroom glass, but also crashed directly into several vehicles.

He then spun the tires to create a giant smoke cloud. But he wasn't done just yet. After he came to a complete stop, he got out of his car and ran over to an undamaged yellow 718 Cayman, pulled out a black magic marker, and wrote the name "eve" (yes, in all lowercase letters) on its side. It's fair to assume that's his ex-girlfriend's name.

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We also get the feeling she's the one who broke things off. Anyway, the driver, Rakhmatullo Sotvoldiyev, was quickly detained by a couple of dealership employees. When he was asked why did what he did, he simply replied: "I'm just having a bad day." He was quickly arrested and charged with two counts of mischief causing over $5,000 worth of damage, one count of mischief causing damage less than $5,000, and for dangerous motor vehicle operation.

Authorities believe he caused up to $75,000 in damage to only the cars, plus another $20,000 to the dealer. "It seems to be motivated by his recent relationship breakup," said police Staff Sgt. Dan Hoffmeyer. "After he drove in, he exited his vehicle and did some graffiti on some Porsches he didn't hit. Some of the graffiti he put on cars was in relation to that. 'I'll show you' - I don't know what he intended to show this person." It didn't take long for the police to arrive once they were called because their station is just down the street.