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Guy Drives Ferrari 360 Into The Water Because It's Florida

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Amazing, no drugs or alcohol were involved.

We all make mistakes when driving. Some mistakes, as this Ferrari owner in Florida will testify, are just bigger than others. According to local NBC station WPTV 5, on December 26 at around 7 am, 48-year-old James Mucciaccio, Jr. drove his Ferrari 360 Modena off a Palm Beach, Florida road at top speed straight into the water. No drugs or alcohol were involved, but the Ferrari sank 30 feet to the bottom after floating for approximately 50 feet.

Mucciaccio, amazingly, was not hurt and managed to escape before the car sunk. The Palm Beach police and fire departments are still investigating the exact circumstances that led up to this, but speed (as in driving too fast) was reportedly a factor.

Because the water inlet where the Ferrari went down wasn't extremely deep, divers were able to go down and retrieve the car. Code 3 Divers actually released several photos on its official Facebook page showing this vehicular rescue. They had to inflate airbags to bring the car back to the surface. Within only a day, someone came to retrieve it. But there's no way this Ferrari will ever run again. Water damage doesn't even begin to describe things. Its V8 engine is completely flooded/ruined and the interior's leather upholstery is soaked.

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Apparently, this wasn't the first time Code 3 Divers had to rescue a car from the water. Their Facebook also has photos of a Ferrari 458 Spider getting rescued as well as a pickup truck, Kia Optima, and a Honda Odyssey, among others. Chances are, Mucciaccio was simply driving way too fast on a road where he shouldn't have, and his Ferrari paid the ultimate price. Is this something insurance will cover? Depends on the conclusions made by investigators. If they determine Mucciaccio did this purposely somehow, then the obvious answer is 'no'. Welcome to Florida.