Guy Fieri Used to Sell Muflers For Flowmaster, And it's the Funniest Thing Ever

Sure, it's a natural progression from mufflers to food.

We sometimes feel a bit sorry for Guy Fieri. He just wants to eat some incredibly unhealthy food and then tell people about it. We've done that on an amateur level millions of times. But then you just get an eyeful of that boy-band-member-who’s-let-himself-go look he’s got going on and just find it so much more difficult to give him the benefit of the doubt. But he didn’t always host a show about getting fat, he used to sell mufflers for Flowmaster.

This is the first of two videos which were recently put up on Flowmaster’s YouTube channel, the second on is on the next page.

Now, we know there’ll be at least one guy who has to go on and on about it isn’t really the funniest thing ever. That guy sucks at life, don’t listen to him. Enjoy the video.

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