Guy Gives Away Son's 1967 Camaro SS Using Forged Documents

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He also forged his son's signature. Father of the year right here.

John Dovichi of Bakersfield, California has good taste in cars. A decade ago he bought and restored a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS to its original condition. It was a father-son project. His son, Jonathon, was gifted the car when the restoration was done. The title was in his name and even had it insured for $80,000. Sounds like a great family story, but it's really not. Quite the opposite. is reporting that the elder Dovichi has been charged with six felonies, including grand theft and forgery, for signing the car's DMV paperwork over to a family friend.

Problem was he wasn't the rightful owner of the car; that would be his son. He even forged his son's signature on the DMV papers. Dovichi Jr. discovered something was wrong back in 2015 when he came to his father's property, where the Camaro was being stored, only to find it wasn't there. After asking what happened to the car, his father responded, "That's a big boy's game, I sold it." Not long afterwards, the son filed a complaint with the investigative department of the DMV, claiming he never gave his father permission to sign (let alone forge) his name, or to obtain a duplicate title and then transfer it to a new owner.

Dovichi Sr., a local builder, stated that "even if (his son) had the title it didn't belong to him because I bought it and put all the money into it." Right, and then he gifted it to his son, title and all. When investigators questioned Dovichi Sr., who has plead not guilty to all six charges, he couldn't how his son still had the original title in his possession. NOTE: Displayed photos are not of this specific 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS.

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