Guy Test Driving Ford Mustang Dumps Salesman And Takes Off


First clue he was shady: no driver's license.

The fact that 45-year-old John Anthony Harrison didn’t even have a driver’s license should have been the first warning sign. According to the Charlotte Observer, Harrison walked into Parkway Ford and asked to take a brand new Mustang for a test spin. The salesman obliged. Big mistake. At some point during that test drive, Harrison pulled off to the side of the road, threatened the salesman and forced him out of the car. Harrison then took off alone.

Obviously it wasn’t long until he and the car were found a few exits away, but the dealership and salesman clearly learned some valuable lessons here. One, always demand to see and then photocopy a potential buyer’s driver’s license. Was the salesman having such a poor month and therefore was so desperate to make a sale that he forgot to ask for the most basic thing? Makes you wonder. Second, it’s important to try and gauge whether or not someone is actually even a potential customer in the first place. Are they there for nothing more than a joyride? Does it sound like they have any serious intention to make a purchase? Bottom line, this was a serious case of badge judgement on the salesman’s part.

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When police ultimately caught up with Harrison and the undamaged Mustang, he was immediately arrested and charged with felony larceny of a vehicle, misdemeanor communicating threats, misdemeanor interfering with emergency communications, and, of course, for not having a driver’s license. The salesman has his own shame and embarrassment to deal with which is probably punishment enough.