Guys Close Down Highway for Donuts

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Traffic brought to a standstill on Oakland's Interstate 880 as morons perform impromptu donuts in broad daylight.

We all love a bit of donut action now and again. Whether it's on a vacant parking lot or disused golf course in the wee hours of the night, there's a time and a place for getting one's wheels spinning and a burning. And then there's the highway in the middle of the day - absolutely not the place or the time to do donuts. That's why the police and internet vigilantes 4chan are hard at work trying to apprehend the guys who shut down a major Oakland freeway over the weekend, creating a major tailback of traffic while they got their fix of burning rubber.

While the police do their thing, contacting witnesses and collecting information, 4chan will use their internet skills to bring these donut-loving animals to justice. Check out the incriminating footage of Mustangs and other muscle cars wreaking havoc on the highway if you want see what bona fide idiots looks like.

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