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GWA Tuning Revives 1970 Mercedes C111

GWA Tuning, out of San Antonio, Texas, has created a one-off prototype proposal based on the 1970 Mercedes-Benz C111. Called the Ciento Once, tuner owner and designer Arturo Alonso figured it was time to revive another Mercedes gullwing wonder. Although the C111 was an experimental car that featured a four-rotor Wankel engine, it never made it to production. Mercedes did, however, follow it up with some other concepts.

The proposed prototype includes a tubular space frame chassis with Mercedes M120 V12 producing 408 hp and it is mated to a 6-speed Cima H type trans-axle. The wheelbase is slightly shorter than the original, but total weight is about the same, coming in at around 3,086 lbs. It would also have an adjustable coil-over suspension, a set of unique GWA Type A Wheels, and a hand-made aluminum body. There will also be an electronically adjustable rear wing, a rear diffuser, and a front spoiler with a large air intake.

The interior will feature a retro look inspired by the original and will have carbon fiber seats, brushed aluminum pedals, and illuminated door sills. No official reveal date has been set.

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